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Patient Stories


Sgt. David White

Survived with quick response ER and surgical teams


Sgt. White: As a police officer I was shot multiple times in the line of duty, and they rushed me to Summa Hospital in Akron City, and right to the ER. And there were 15/20 people waiting when they opened the doors to the ambulance.

The emergency personnel that night was fabulous. They were all prepared and waiting on me.

In the first week I had four surgeries performed on me, trying to save my life. And I had a team of physicians, trauma surgeons, as well as all the trauma nurses that worked at trauma floor. The care that they showed was remarkable. They treated me as if I was royalty. Always concerned about how I felt, concerned about my pain.

If it wasn't for God, wasn't for the trauma team I had at Summa I wouldn't be here today. I trust them and I feel safe there. I've trusted them with my life, and that's what I'm doing, trusting my life to them, and putting it in their hands. I have to thank them from the bottom of my heart to see that type of humanity and that type of caring.


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