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Nonsurgical Weight Loss Results

The focus of the nonsurgical weight loss program is achievement of long-term weight loss through modification of food choices, exercise, intensive management of eating behaviors and lifelong physician follow-up to ensure maintenance of weight loss. Hundreds of patients have used Summa’s program to achieve their weight loss goals with the support of Summa’s physician-led multidisciplinary team.

Here are some of our recent patient success stories:

  • Tim has lost and maintained 200 pounds over 5 years!
  • Jason lost 75 pounds in 6 months
  • Jennifer lost 15 pounds in the first month
  • Ralena lost 60 pounds in 8 months
  • Judy lost 35 pounds in first 4 months
  • Anthony lost 45 pounds in 7 months
  • Ed has lost and maintained 90 pounds over 5 years

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