Dr. Thomas Malone and Jim Mcllvaine

2015: Year In Review

Welcome to the 2015 Year in Review. Clearly, we remain in a period of great change for healthcare, and Summa Health is helping to lead the charge by empowering our community to own their healthcare needs.

The new Summa Health exists to improve the total health of our community through coordinated care. We’re not only caring for patients when they’re sick, but managing their care when they’re well. We’re focused on improving outcomes, lowering costs and transforming the way healthcare is delivered in our region. We are moving healthcare from a business transaction to a relationship.

The videos you see here are just a small representation of what Summa Health is doing to make a difference. They show how we’re out in the community, making sure everyone is getting the recommended health screenings, helping to change lives by utilizing the latest surgical technology, and making sure our youngest patients start life in the healthiest way possible.

You’ll also see examples of how our outstanding nurses and doctors are working collaboratively, across multiple disciplines, to make sure our patients are getting the best care. It’s that team-based model of care that sets apart Summa Health.

Thank you for your interest in Summa Health. It’s surely an exciting time to be in healthcare and we are proud to be at the forefront of this change to healthier lifestyles and healthier lives.

Thomas A. Malone, M.D.
President and CEO
Summa Health

Jim McIlvaine
Chair, Board of Directors
Summa Health