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Barberton ED

Summa Barberton Hospital’sBarberton ED 1 Emergency Department was recently renovated and unveiled to the public March, 2013. The new department boasts a fast-track system and state-of-the-art technology including enhanced imaging capabilities and wireless voice communication. 

The hospital is located at 155 Fifth Street, NE, in Barberton, and the new Emergency Department entrance is on the south side of the hospital near the Parkview Cancer Center. Click for direction Information.

Summa Barberton Hospital’s newly renovated and expanded emergency department also features:

• 32,000 square feet, three times the square footage of the previous ED

• 46 patient areas

• Staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians who treat pediatric and adult emergencies

• Additional parking and a larger waiting area for families

• Backed by the expertise of trusted Summa specialists, should a minor emergency turn major

Barberton ED 2Construction Fun Facts
During the emergency department expansion, construction workers installed:

• 3.92 miles of mechanical piping

• 4.12 miles of plumbing piping

• 38,369 pounds of sheet metal

• 49.24 miles of electrical wire

• 10.61 miles of electrical conduit

• 33.71 miles of phone/data cable

• 2.84 miles of nurse call cable

• 0.95 miles of television cable

Barberton ED 3