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What's Your Nursing Personality?

Deservedly so, the nursing profession garners incredible respect. Nurses exhibit many admirable traits including strength, intelligence, patience and perseverance. They are trustworthy individuals that have a tremendous responsibility in society. We rely on them to keep us healthy and have the knowledge and courage to do what is right, day in and day out, even when faced with exceptionally challenging circumstances.

But there are variances in the personalities of these heroes. What type of nurse are you?

Answer the questions below to find out your nursing personality. And whether you are an adventurer or a knowledge aficionado, as a nurse you'd be a member of one of the most rewarding careers around. Get started below; you'll have the opportunity to share your results within several social media channels once you've answered all of the questions.

1. In your free time, you can be found:
2: Which best describes you?
3: School days… which was your favorite?
4: Favorite way to spend a free 30 minutes?
5: With whom do you identify with the most?
6: Where is your energy naturally directed?

Bring your personality to Summa for a rewarding new career.

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