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MyChart Features

MyChart is a great tool and depending on your physician's participation will determine how much you can do through this powerful healthcare portal. See our reference guide below.

New to MyChart®?

In order to use MyChart, you need to be a Summa Health patient and have an email address.

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MyChart® Mobile

MyChart Mobile is available on your Apple iPhone®, iPad® or on your Android™ phone. This does not replace the web-based MyChart application and does not include all of the same features – you will need to create a MyChart account before you can access MyChart Mobile.


Once your MyChart account is set up, here’s how to access MyChart Mobile:

  1. Download the free MyChart app from the Apple App Store or from Android Market.
  2. Once you’ve launched the app, select Summa Health from the list of healthcare providers.
  3. Enter your MyChart username and password, and begin using MyChart Mobile.
  4. For more information, view the Frequently Asked Questions.

MyChart Bedside

MyChart Bedside is a mobile app for you to use while a patient in the hospital. It is designed to engage you in your care, empower you with education and clinical data, and help you build a personal connection with your care team.

Register for My Delivery

Prepare for your upcoming labor and delivery by registering with the hospital where you plan to give birth.

Find Care Now

Search for nearby urgent care or emergency departments and let them know you're coming in.

Hello Patient

Use location tracking on your phone to be automatically checked in when you arrive at a Summa Health hospital.


Complete the check-in process from home to save time when you arrive at the clinic. Pay visit copays, verify your medical and insurance information, respond to questionnaires, and electronically sign documents.

Care Companion

You can follow your care plan using MyChart Care Companion, an interactive, personalized plan of care delivered through the MyChart mobile app. You’ll receive real-time notifications for things such as:

  • Medication reminders
  • Health-tracking tasks
  • Educational content
  • Periodic check-ins


If you have an appointment with a Summa Health Medical Group provider and are on their waitlist because you’d like to get in sooner, you might receive an email via MyChart when an earlier appointment opens up. If you do, just accept the sooner appointment and your old appointment will automatically be canceled.

For more information on FastPass, please contact your Summa provider's office.

Bill Pay

View one easy bill, review an estimate, make secure payments, implement a payment plan, and apply for financial assistance using your bank account or credit card. 

Video Visits

Talk one-on-one with your Summa Health Medical Group provider through a MyChart video visit. Receive care from the convenience of your home or work. To schedule a MyChart Video Visit, log into MyChart and click on “Schedule an appointment” under Appointments. If your provider is available for MyChart appointments, his or her availability will display so you can select a time convenient for you. You can also call the practice directly to see if your provider offers video visits. 

Track My Health

Document details about your day-to-day health and link your account to your personal devices and apps, such as Withings, Fitbit and Apple Health to automatically record information such as your weight, blood pressure, or steps walked in a day.

Review Health Summary

View a summary of your current health issues, medications, allergies, immunizations and preventive care all in one place.

View Test Results

You can view your lab and test results as soon as they are available. Your provider receives this information at the same time, so it’s possible that you may see these results before your provider has reviewed them. For common lab tests, additional information is added to MyChart to help you understand how your results compare to normal ranges. You can expect your provider to reach out directly to you about your results if there are any concerns. 

Communicate With Your Care Provider

MyChart enables you to ask your Summa Health Medical Group doctor questions related to your care.

Schedule or Cancel Appointments

Schedule or request appointments with your physician (check to see if your doctor is a Summa Health Medical Group physician).

Request a Prescription Refill

Request a medication refill with your Summa Health Medical Group doctor and receive a notification when your medications are ready to be picked up at the pharmacy.

Need Assistance?

A MyChart expert is ready to assist you 24/7 every day of the year. If you have forgotten your MyChart username or password, or if you have tried unsuccessfully to log in to your MyChart account, please call the MyChart Help Desk at 234.475.6789. They can also provide you with a new Activation Code if your original one is lost or expired – as well as help you find your medical information once you log in. Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more details.


Please Note: MyChart should not be used for urgent medical matters!

Please do not use MyChart to send any messages requiring urgent attention. For medical emergencies, please call 911. For urgent medical matters, call your doctor's office.

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Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.