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Quality, Safety and Collaboration

Quality in Healthcare Defined

Quality healthcare can be more exactly described as striving for and reaching excellent standards of care. It involves assessing the appropriateness of medical tests and treatments and measures to continually improve personal healthcare in all fields of medicine, from the aides that help you eat to the surgeon who removes a tumor from your brain.

Our Safety Behaviors

1. Practice with a Questioning Attitude

2. Communicate Clearly

3. Focus on the Task

4. Support Each Other

Collaboration in Healthcare Defined

Collaboration is an intricate concept with multiple attributes. It is defined in a variety of ways, many of them explicitly referring to interdisciplinary collaboration (Henneman, Lee, & Cohen, 1995). Attributes identified by several nurse authors include sharing of planning, making decisions, solving problems, setting goals, assuming responsibility, working together cooperatively, communicating, and coordinating openly (Baggs & Schmitt, 1988). Related concepts, such as cooperation, joint practice, and collegiality, are often used as substitutes. They share some, but not all, of collaboration's attributes.

Safety Coaches


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.