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Pastoral Care

Summa Health’s pastoral care volunteers provide fellowship, as well as support a variety of religious traditions and customs.

Our Pastoral Care Services

At Summa Health, we recognize that the care of our patients, their families and friends, and our employees encompass more than their physical well-being. When it comes to leading a healthy, productive and satisfying life, we know that the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of good health are just as important as those that affect a person physically. This is why we offer a volunteer pastoral care program at Summa Health.

Pastoral Care Volunteers

Summa Health’s pastoral care volunteers have provided fellowship, prayed with and supported other religious traditions and customs for many years. Through this program, we offer three different volunteer opportunities:

  • Pastoral Care Volunteer Visitor Volunteer – volunteer visits and prays with patients of any denomination.
  • Catholic Eucharistic Minister Volunteer – volunteer provides the Eucharist and a visit to Catholic patients.
  • On-Call Clergy Volunteer – There are times when patients are in great need of spiritual support. This volunteer is a clergy member from the community called in to visit with a specific patient and family during this difficult time

For both the Pastoral Care Visitor Volunteer and Catholic Eucharistic Minister Volunteer opportunities, interested individuals may apply online by visiting our webpage. For the on-call clergy opportunity, please contact us at 330.375.3247.  For more information and to link to the online volunteer application, please click here.


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Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.