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To be recognized as having a caring and diverse environment, exemplified via a satisfied and engaged workforce and community.

Guiding Principles
  • Eliminate all behavior motivated by prejudice or lack of understanding.
  • Take a leadership role in all levels of the organization to create and sustain an environment that actively embraces diversity. 
  • Hold all individuals associated with Summa Health accountable for actions and decisions impacting the achievement of Summa’s diversity vision. 
  • Use the successes in diversity to assist Summa Health to become the provider and employer of choice in the community we serve. 
  • Summa Health respects and values all individuals
What is Diversity?
Diversity generally is thought to be cultural or racial, when in fact, it is much more complex. It includes age, economic background, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, education, work, religion, politics, mental and physical abilities and more.
To respond to the impact of changing regional and local demographics, Summa Health launched an initiative in 1994 to create a more inclusive and diverse environment for employees and patients.

Why is Diversity Important at Summa Health?
Embracing diversity is an important goal at Summa Health. Understanding and appreciating our similarities and differences allows us to maximize individual and corporate success.
We are committed to recognizing and using individual talents and skills to deliver compassionate, quality care to our patients, their families, community members and each other.

Looking Toward the Future:
The Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) has several subcommittees that are working to address how the different aspects of diversity affect Summa Health System. These teams focus on:
  • Promoting diversity awareness and education for management and employees
  • Creating tools and services that help staff provide culturally compassionate care to patients and families
  • Incorporating innovative ideas, such as how to effectively recruit, hire and retain excellent employees, to support Summa Health's mission