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Jason Hale, Vivitrol Clinic Patient

Now two-and-a-half years sober, he feels like he’s been reborn

Jason Hale


Jason: For 30 years, I was a functioning alcoholic, college educated to the PhD level, but the disease kept progressing and progressing. And I came to realize that alcohol is not your friend, it's out to kill you. It wasn't until I found myself at Summa Health emergency room almost dead, that I realized I need help. And that's when I learned about Vivitrol Clinic at St. Thomas that saved my life.

Dr. Vellanki and Annie, the nurse, gave me the hope that I needed to move forward. I received the Vivitrol injection once a month. It helps curve my cravings for alcohol and helps me to focus on the tools that I've learned in treatment.

Thanks to the team at Summa. I am now two and a half years sober, I have a new lease on life, I feel like I've been reborn. So if you're out there struggling, no hope, rock bottom, no future, Summa saved my life, they can save yours too.


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