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Tom Saal, Traumatic Stress Patient

Realized his life's value through the Summa Health Traumatic Stress Center

Tom Saal


Tom: As a result of 40 years of anger, and frustration, and suicidal thoughts that I brought home from Vietnam, I knew I needed help.

When I arrived at Summa St. Thomas I was emotionally devastated. Summa treated me like a human being. I was born at Summa St. Thomas Hospital, and I was re-born there through the help of Dr. Palmieri and Summa St. Thomas' Traumatic Stress Center.

The greatest thing for me was my realization that my life did have value and that my family was important to me. That program saved my life. There is no doubt in my mind about it. I would not be around today had it not been for Summa's post-traumatic stress program.


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