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Barbara Vassalotti

Back on her feet – pain free – thanks to the Orthopedic Institute

Barbara Vassalotti


Barbara: For years, I had this bunion on my foot, and it kept growing, and growing, and it started to hurt, and slow me down. I decided to call Dr. Junko at Summa Health, and he decided it needed to be removed.

Dr. Junko was a miracle worker. He performed the surgery and corrected the toe. In fact, they gave me the pain ball, which was really a numbing agent that went directly to the foot. It was so effective I never had to take any narcotics. The treatment I had at Summa Barberton was superlative.

Now that I've had this procedure, I'm really looking forward to a vacation! Where I can hike, walk on the beach, ride a horse if I want to, just enjoy myself. Be out there.


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