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Camille McGowan, Orthopedic Surgery Patient

After years of knee pain, she was walking just a few hours after surgery.

Camille McGowan


Camille: I was having knee pain that it was so bad that I couldn't even stand at work. I had to go sit at my desk all the time and put my leg up on a chair because it was hurting so bad. My friend referred me to an orthopedic doctor, Dr. Combs and the Summa Health.

Dr. Cone said that I had bone-on-bone arthritis real bad that I needed to get in there and have surgery. I was so amazed by the surgery, I was up and walking in two to three hours.

I loved to cook, and in a week, I was back in the kitchen, cooking on my feet. Dr. Combs and his team was remarkable. I would recommend him to anybody. They would treat me just like if I was family. They were calling me every week to check on me to see how I was doing, that was wonderful. I love that, everything went so well that I am ready to go get the next knee done right away.


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