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Deanna Hastings

Ready for her future with new knees

Deanna Hastings


Deanna: I wanted to be able to hike pain-free, and I wanted to be to chase my grandson without any pain, so I needed some new knees. So I turned to Summa Health for a knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Pfefferle sat with me and he wanted to know what my goals were with my new knees.

I had my first full knee replacement done, and it went so well I had the second one done three months later, and I went home the same day. And they've never been better.

I had a wonderful therapist, Thomas. He knew I loved to be outside, and we went hiking together.

Getting my knees replaced helped me to accomplish what I wanted to do now and what I'm gonna want to do in the next thirty years. I can go hiking and chase my grandson, and now I have a new granddaughter, and I'll be able to chase her too.

Because there is no pain, I'm gonna plan more hiking trips, and the grandkids and my husband are all going to have a hard time keeping up with me.


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