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James Barensfeld, Orthopedic Surgery Patient

Walked out of the hospital just 12 hours after a total hip replacement

James Barensfeld


James: I'm very athletic. I play a lot of hockey at a very high level. My hip was really causing me a lot of pain, and it was really affecting my game, and I couldn't even sleep. I knew it was time to get that hip fixed. A few of my athletic friends recommended Dr. Pfefferle at Summa Health.

For my first appointment, he was so reassuring, and gave me all my options. Dr. Pfefferle recommended total hip replacement, and he was right on the money. I had the anterior hip procedure, and I was in and out of the hospital in twelve hours, and I walked out of the hospital.

I was back to normal activities so darn quick I couldn't believe it. In fact, Dr. P. told me I was his poster child for total hip replacement. Clearly I hitched my horse to a fantastic cart with Dr. P. and the team at Barberton Orthopedics. I was back on the ice in twelve weeks, and you know what, I'm skating better than I have in years.


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