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James Wright, Orthopedic Patient

With two new hips, he feels like a teenager again

James Wright


James: I'm a really active guy and I love doing projects, especially gardening and projects around the house. My hip pain became so severe, it was though an icepick was going through my hip. My primary care doctor at Summa referred me to Dr. Ryan Combs, who's an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Combs discovered that I had no cartilage left and he determined it was best for me to go ahead with a hip replacement surgery. Dr. Combs and his team made me feel more like a friend than a patient. It was very powerful, actually. It was emotional really for me. He understood what I was going through and he would be able to help me. First hip replacement was so good and I was so comfortable, I decided to move forward with the second hip replacement within three months.

Now with two new hips, it's as though I'm a teenager again. I love gardening and it's just wonderful to know that now I can do it without pain. I'm just so happy that I did it and I tell my wife that all the time. I'm so happy.


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