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Kim Schilling

Minimally invasive Tenex procedure keeps her crocheting

Kim Schilling


Kim: I was having so much elbow pain, I could not do the things I wanted to do anymore. My favorite thing is crocheting. I couldn't do it. So I decided I needed to go to Summa.

Dr. Burkam recommended the Tenex procedure. It's a minimally invasive procedure where they use a pen-like instrument along with ultrasound to go into my elbow and break up whatever is causing the pain. Which in my case was two bone spurs.

Life for me now is much better. I can use my elbow, and I can do my favorite thing which is crocheting.

Dr. Burkam is a very kind man. Not only was he concerned with my elbow, he would compliment me on, "your hair looks nice today." And I was able to relax around him because of that.

I was so grateful to Dr. Burkam, I crocheted a set of coasters for him to prove to him that his procedure did work on my elbow.


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