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Marilyn Gordon

"There’s no stopping these knees now!"

Marilyn Gordon


Marilyn: The arthritis pain in my knees was just so bad I couldn't do the simple things you do in daily life, walking up stairs, taking my dog for a walk, getting out of bed in the morning.

My arthritis doctor referred me to Dr. Pfefferle at Summa Health. When he saw the x-rays, he recommended that I get a bilateral knee replacement, which means on both knees.

Another innovation at Summa was these pain balls that they used to decrease taking narcotic pain medicine. It works. I was home within a week. Ready to go back to work.

I'm taking my dog for a walk up and down the street. It's like he put the Energizer Bunny in my knees.

Thanks to Dr. Pfefferle there's no stopping these knees now! He's great.


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