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Mary Nemec

Returned to an active life after total hip replacement

Mary Nemec


Mary: I'm a very, very active woman. I power walk five miles a day. And it finally kind of caught up to me, and I was feeling pain in my groin. That's when I decided I need to do something and go see Dr. Shah at Summa.

I was diagnosed with an arthritic hip and had to have a hip replacement.

Dr. Pfefferle assured me that I could get back to my lifestyle that I was used to for the last 25 years. And he would tell me, Mary, you have any problems, you call me.

I could barely walk in the hospital the day of my surgery. 36 hours later, I walked out all by myself.

Just two months after my total hip replacement, I was back to walking five miles a day. And it was not only good for me physically, but it was really good for me mentally.

Now that I'm pain free, I can keep up with my seven grandchildren.


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