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Nate Loman, Orthopedic Patient

Back on his bike a month sooner than expected

Nate Loman


Nate: My passion in life is being an endurance athlete. At one cycling event, I had this freak accident and tore the side of my leg open down to the bone. My wound got infected and I wound up in the care of Summa in their ER.

From there, I came under the care of orthopedics with Dr. Miller and Dr. Childs. The infection was so bad, and they had to remove so much tissue that it left a silver dollar-size hole in my leg, Dr. Childs had to perform reconstructive surgery to close the wound site. I surely didn't know if I was ever gonna be able to ride a bike again. If I hadn't gotten that care when I did, I truly believe that I'd had a different outcome.

The final chapter has been working with Summa Physical Therapy Department. They have me back on a bike a month sooner than I ever expected. And quite frankly, I have Summa to thank for that.


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