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Nick Jack, Orthopedic Institute Patient

After shattering his wrist, Nick is back to playing guitar and, most importantly, taking care of his daughter.

Nick Jack


Nick: We were in an awful car accident and I shattered my wrist completely. And I wanted to be in the care of Summa. So luckily they were able to get me in very quickly and I got the care that I needed and knew I would receive.

I was in the hands of Dr. Childs and he performed two major surgeries to reconstruct my wrist. At the time of the accident, I was a new dad and a musician and I wasn't able to care for my daughter at the time. And I wasn't able to play my guitar or anything like that. Thank goodness for my occupational therapist, Connie, she came up with a plan to really get use of my hand back. And she helped me with the emotional side of things. When you go through a big traumatic accident like that, she kind of kept me positive and focused.

Less than a year later, I'm back to playing guitar. And most importantly, taking care of my daughter, Lily, and I even wrote her a song. Couldn't wait to take you home. This love is stronger than anything we've known.


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