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Richard Wigfield, Orthopedic Patient

Was up and walking the very day after spine surgery

Richard Wigfield


Richard: For over a year, the legs were getting so numb that if I didn't sit down, I would fall down. And I was really getting scared that I was heading for a wheelchair. I was doing some research and I found Dr. Inkrott, an orthopedic surgeon with Summa Health.

After we had an MRI done, Dr. Inkrott diagnosed me with spinal stenosis and a ruptured disc, and that was causing the numbness in my legs. He suggested a minimally invasive procedure that fuses the L4-L5. It only took three small incisions to do that procedure. They had me up and walking the very next day. I was very impressed with Dr. Inkrott. He's very straightforward, intelligent, and he's good in my book.

My numbness has gone. My legs work fine. I work around the house. I do my gardening like I like to do, and life is good.


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