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Tim Hart, Orthopedic Surgery Patient

After having intense shoulder pain and being unable to complete daily activities, Tim had orthopedic surgery at Summa Health and is back to having full strength in his shoulder.

Tim Hart


Tim: I've been a general contractor for 25 years, primarily in drywall, and I just had constant strain and pain in my right shoulder. The pain got so intense I couldn't function in my daily activities.

My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Urchek, an orthopedic surgeon with Summa. And after initial round of physical therapy, Dr. Urchek recommended a surgical procedure called a bicep tenodesis. They disconnect that bicep tendon, run it up through the middle of the shoulder and attach it to a different anchor point.

Dr. Urchek was amazing. Every time I talked to him, I felt like I was heard, like he understood my concerns. The procedure was extremely successful. And incredibly after 10 weeks, I was back to hanging drywall. In 11 weeks, I felt like I had full strength in my shoulder. To anyone with shoulder pain, I would say don't wait two years like I did. Go to Summa Orthopedics and at least get it checked out.


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