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Amy Hallett, Kidney Cancer Patient

Devastated upon diagnosis, Dr. Nething gave her hope

Amy Hallett


Amy: Out of the blue, I have this excruciating stomach pain one evening, and I end up going to the emergency room. I have a CAT scan done, and they find I have acute appendicitis, and incidentally they find I have a mass on my left kidney. So I was referred to Dr. Nething at Summa Health for further care.

When I heard the word cancer, my heart fell. But Dr. Nething gave me hope. He had a plan of care in place by the time I left that first visit. We opted for the partial nephrectomy through robotic surgery. And it was successful. He saved most of my kidney.

I have so much to live for. And I have hope. Dr. Nething was important in giving me that hope. I trust him.


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