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Aricia Robinson, Cancer Patient

Cancer was her wakeup call to live, love and be happy

Aricia Robinson


Aricia: I was experiencing pain on my lower left side in the pelvic region, to the point where I couldn't move. I went to Summa Health and I met with Dr. Andrews and he diagnosed me with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. There was a huge tumor growing in my abdomen.

I met with Dr. Mahesh and he treated me like family. That was when I started to let go and let God. I believe that God puts people in your path and Dr. Mahesh was in mine. For four months I underwent chemotherapy at the Cooper Cancer Pavilion. Now I'm cancer free.

I know that Summa's with me for life. Cancer was my wakeup call to live, to love, to be happy, to smile, and to start all over and take in what life has to offer.


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