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Bobbie Donohew

Throat cancer survivor Bobbie Donohew shows gratitude with handmade blankets

Bobbie Donohew


Bobbie: I noticed a lump in my neck, and my ENT referred me to Dr. Desai and Dr. Mahesh at the Summa Cooper Cancer Pavilion.

The lump was malignant, and I had two chemotherapy sessions and 35 rounds of radiation to my neck.

I had my last visit with Dr. Desai about a month ago. He reached out and he put his arm around me, and he gave me a hug. And that meant the world to me, that he would show such compassion. And everybody at Summa has been like that.

I know that the Summa cancer team is gonna be there with me as a survivor for the rest of my life. They're gonna be my lifeline and my support mechanism. As a way of repaying my gratitude for the wonderful care that I received, I'm donating these beautiful handmade blankets to the chemotherapy patients at the Summa Cooper Cancer Pavilion.


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