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Frank McCray

Shares his prostate cancer story in hope of helping others

Frank McCray


Frank: I hadn't been to a doctor in years. I was a healthy guy, and my wife said, "Go get checked." Turns out, my wife was right. I had high PSA levels, and that led me to Dr. Dankoff and Dr. Nething at Summa Health.

Dr. Dankoff did a biopsy that revealed that I indeed had prostate cancer. Dr. Nething gave me some treatment options. Robotic surgery was the best choice for me because of it being less invasive and a quicker recovery time.

Now that cancer is behind me, I have time that I can expect to spend with family and miraculous things are happening now. God has His hand on me. For some reason, He says, "I'm not done with you." And I love that. If just one person hears this and says, "I probably should go to the doctor, too," then I've done what I was supposed to do.


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