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Jack Hobensack, Tonsil Cancer Patient

Proud to be part of a clinical trial that not only helped him, but others

Jack Hobensack


Jack: One morning, I was shaving, and I felt a lump. I called my primary physician at Summa, and he referred me to Dr. Desai right away. Testing revealed that I had tonsil cancer. I was numb. Dr. Desai, right away he told me, "We're gonna beat this." And he asked me if I would like to be in a clinical trial that prevented sores in your mouth from radiation. I said, if this would help someone else, I said I'm your guy.

The result I had being in the trial, I had no sores in my mouth. I had no pain. It's fantastic that Summa and Dr. Desai were involved in these clinical trials that will help people down the road not have to suffer.

Dr. Desai was more than my doctor. He was my coach. I couldn't have gotten anybody better than him. Summa, everybody, they saved my life.


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