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Jamie McKinley

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor is back to being a mom

Jamie McKinley


Jamie: I'm a mother, and I have two small children, and just to be hit with the word that you have cancer just really rocks your whole soul to the core.

It came back that it was Hodgkin's Lymphoma. That you have cancer, it's hard to hear that.

I was grateful that that was the ER that I went to because then we ended up in the perfect place to help me, and that was Summa.

Dr. Mahesh told us, "I'm gonna be your co-pilot. I'm gonna be there with you through your entire treatment." One nurse, his name was Larry, he was a nurse in the ER, and I started crying. He hugged me, and he said, "you just gotta drive through it and push yourself through it." Sally fit me for a wig and she was so caring, and Summa sent in social workers to help me answer any questions. How to tell my children. Without Summa they wouldn't have, I wouldn't have had that.

I'm back to being a mom, and I have plans for my family, and I'm in them, and I am grateful for Summa for that.


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