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Judi Hollenbaugh

Survives breast cancer surrounded with kindness

Judi Hollenbaugh


Judi: I came to Summa for a mammogram. They saw something suspicious, and the diagnosis was breast cancer.

Dr. Sprance was incredible. She was patient. She was kind. She was informative. And then I might cry for a little bit, then she would tell me it was going to be ok. And she'd say, "you're going to be fine Judi, you're going to be fine." And that's what I needed to hear.

And then I met with Kari Kovach who is my guardian angel. Kari was right there the day of the surgery. She sat beside me, and she smiled that gigantic smile of her's, which always makes you feel a little bit better if you see somebody smiling. And she said, "don't be afraid, I'm not gonna leave you."

They treat your illness. They treat your heart. They treat your soul. They make you feel that it's going to be ok. And I can't say enough about it. I really can't. It's a super place. This is where I will always come.


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