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Kathleen Wagner

Nurse and lung cancer patient Kathleen Wagner feels blessed for early detection

Kathleen Wagner


Kathleen: I was getting ready to go on a mission trip to Africa and I needed a full physical. As part of that physical at Summa I met all the criteria to have a CT scan of the lung. As it turned out, they found a nodule on my lung.

I was just overwhelmed with fear. As a nurse myself, I knew all the risks that were involved with this. But my faith, I just had strong confidence that I had a good team of doctors behind me. And they did find that it was cancerous. But the blessing was, because they caught it early, they only had to remove a section of my lung. I needed no treatment after that.

Dr. Bauman and Dr. Espinal were an absolute godsend for me. I got the cream of the crop with them. This cancer taught me how important it is to have those screenings done. And today it's like the cancer never even happened. And I've got this beautiful grandbaby that I'm gonna be there for. Yeah.


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