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Keith Johnston, Throat Cancer Patient

After receiving treatment for stage 4 throat cancer, Keith credits Summa Health with saving his life.

Keith Johnston


Keith: I lead a very healthy lifestyle, I'm a runner, I eat well, but I just had this sore throat that I just couldn't explain. Ended up having a lump on the side of my throat, so I needed to get with my Summa doctors and and find out what was going on.

At Summa, the ENT diagnosed me with stage four throat cancer. Every fear comes to mind at that point. And that's when I came to the care of Dr. Desai and Dr. Goebel. The treatment team at Summa was professional, but still empathetic. The treatment involved seven weeks of radiation and chemo.

I am now happy to say that I am 18 months cancer-free. Every day is a new opportunity and a gift, and I credit Summa with saving my life so that now I can continue my running programs that help people with mental health and addiction problems. In fact, I'm really hoping that Dr. Desai will come out and run one of my races with me.


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