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Martha Ward, Kidney Cancer Patient

Is grateful to be cancer-free after robotic surgery

Martha Ward


Martha: I felt a pulling sensation and annoyance in my left side. My primary care doctor referred me to Summa. The ultrasound revealed two dark lesions on my kidney and I was sent to Summa urology. Dr. Arora told me surgery was needed immediately. The lesions in my left kidney were cancerous and they removed them robotically.

I had my surgery in the early stages of COVID, but I felt confident that Summa would keep me safe. Dr. Arora is my hero. He was so caring, so compassionate. He saved me, I am cancer-free. I am so relieved and happy and blessed to say that.

My grandsons are seven and nine, and I wanna live to see them grow up and dance at their weddings. And the kick is, I don't dance, but I might take lessons.


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