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Marv Hodges, Head and Neck Cancer Patient

Explains how Summa Health helped change his life after cancer

Marv Hodges


Marv: For years I'd recognized that there was a lump on my neck. That led to ultimately having the lump removed. There was cancer, not only in the mass, but on my tonsil area. That's when I was introduced to Dr. Desai at the Cooper Cancer Pavilion located at Summa Hospital.

The treatment protocol was scheduled for 35 radiation treatments and then there were two chemo treatments scheduled. When you speak about the care that was provided me at Summa, excellent, very personable. You talk about bedside manner, Dr. Desai gets an A plus plus.

Life after cancer has really added a recognition of the importance of every breath you take. Before I may appreciate a day or an event, but now I appreciate the breath. And so that's what it has done for me.


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