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Nadera Cathy Bacchus, Breast Cancer Patient

Experienced a different level of calmness during treatment

Nadera Cathy Bacchus


Nadera: I had my routine mammogram at Summa, and that showed suspicious cells. I then had a biopsy and that came back as a positive for breast cancer. When I heard the word cancer, I was in total shock. Dr. Van Fossen, my surgeon, performed the lumpectomy and removed the cancerous growth. Dr. Goebel, my oncologist, was so caring I felt like she was my sister. I knew I was getting the best possible care.

I had a full year of chemotherapy and radiation at the Summa Health Medina Medical Center. I would sit there and look out at birds eating from the feeder, deer walking by. That bore me to a different level of calmness while I was receiving my chemotherapy. A year later I got the diagnosis that I was cancer-free, brilliant.

This cancer experience has brought me closer to God. And I feel as if I've got a second chance in life.


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