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Rose Trout

Bone cancer survivor teaches us it's treatable and beatable

Rose Trout


Rose: I was just having a lot of lower back pain, and I thought it was just my sciatica. I'm a first grade teacher, and I'm on my feet a lot. I was referred to a Summa orthopedic specialist, and they found it was bone cancer. It was bone cancer of the hip region.

Everything runs through your mind, especially about your kids and your family. You worry about them.

And then I was introduced to Dr. Weiner, who is the best of the best. And he said, "It's treatable and beatable." And that is all I needed to hear.

He really researched my case to make sure he was doing the best thing medically for me. And for a doctor to do that, tells you how much they care about their patients. That's Dr. Weiner.

And I went through chemo, surgery and then rehab. Thanks to Dr. Weiner and the Summa staff I'm cancer-free. I'm back to being a mom again. Back in the classroom teaching those kids.


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