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Sharon Jones-Winfrey

Picking up speed after surviving breast cancer

Sharon Jones-Winfrey


Sharon: I went in for my regular mammogram, and find out that I have cancer, and it was the furthest thing from my mind. And I trust that Summa Breast Center is the best place for me to have that kind of diagnosis. I know that I am in good hands, and so if there is anyone that's going to help me live longer, I know it's going to the Summa Breast Center.

Summa Breast Center offers so many options for support. They have a wig salon, a massage salon, they offer financial support. Everybody is very compassionate to you, and they realize that you're a person and not just a process. I believe it was the best decision that I ever made to go to Summa Breast Center.

I'm planning on living until I'm about 120, so this is just a hurdle that I'm jumping right now, and I'm going to get past it, and in fact I'm going to pick up speed afterwards. I am a survivor of breast cancer.


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