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Suzanne Harvey

Found a partner in her high risk cancer journey

Suzanne Harvey


Suzanne: I am at very high risk for breast cancer. My mother and my aunt both had breast cancer, and also I have dense tissue, so these are all very high risk factors.

I was so thankful to know that Summa's Center for Breast Health had all of the tests that I needed. The 3D mammography, the needle biopsy, surgical biopsies and also the breast MRI, so that we could completely screen for breast cancer.

I would describe Dr. Van Fossen as an extremely knowledgeable friend. I love that Summa feels like a partner to me in my healthcare journey.

I really have become an advocate for women's health and especially for mammogram screenings because if we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of those we love. I want to be with my family for as long as possible. I want to watch my son grow up, and I want to get old with my husband.


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