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Suzanne Titus, Colorectal Cancer Patient

Advises everyone to get a colonoscopy – it saved her life

Suzanne Titus


Suzanne: I was having symptoms of pain and bleeding and trouble eliminating, and so, I went to Summa. My doctor recommended a colonoscopy and I had a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. I was stunned. I was referred to Dr. Kornbau at Barberton Hospital for surgery. He impressed me with his sincerity and his expertise. I'm sure is what made it so much easier for me.

After the surgery, I said I'm not gonna waste one minute of this time I've been given and I went outside and started gardening. I'm just so grateful to everybody over there at Summa. They're wonderful people.

My advice to everyone is to get that colonoscopy. It saved my life.


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