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Traci Peltz

Breast cancer survivor finds strength

Traci Peltz


Traci: The first thing I thought about was my family because cancer does not just affect you, it affects your family. It affects everybody around you. It affects your friends. You put on that brave face and you fight. You fight real hard.

The nurses, they made me feel at ease because I was so scared. Kari was there for me during my biopsy, holding my hand, and I had such amazing care. Tina would check me in and would always have a smile on her face and tell me how pretty I looked when I would go to the window. Little things like that really make a difference.

It just doesn't take one person to make things happen. It take an army of them. An army of people at Summa was amazing, and they helped me.

Summa was a godsend to me, and I owe them everything. I'm cancer-free because of them.


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