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Vic Meyers

Experiencing joy after overcoming throat cancer

Vic Myers


Vic: Initially I felt a lump in my neck, and then I went to Summa Barberton. And it was there that it was determined that I did have cancer of the throat.

Dr. Park was blessing. He performed the surgery. He did everything in his power to protect my voice knowing that I was a minister.

I love telling the story of Barberton, it's just a staff that's very empathetic.

Jamie, my infusion nurse, was very personable. You didn't even realize you were going through treatment.

The cancer support group is an arena where you can realize that you're not going through something like this alone. And I owe where I am after five years to Summa Barberton and the medical professionals who helped me through this ordeal.

In order to do sermons, voices are very important. So I'm back to performing weddings, and it's a great joy being able to do that.


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