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Yvonne Oliver, Breast Cancer Patient

Two-time breast cancer survivor shares how annual mammograms saved her life

Yvonne Oliver


Yvonne: I'm a two-time breast cancer survivor. Both times my cancer was detected on an annual mammogram at Summa Health. I wanted the very best care that I could get. And that option for me was Summa.

In both cases, Dr. Van Fossen was my surgeon. She has a gentle way of reassuring patients that we'll get through this and everything will be okay.

When Dr. Van Fossen told me that she was an advocate for breast cancer education among African-American women, that touched my heart. It really hit me how much I needed to work to get information out to women of color. Get those annual mammograms. They could save your life just as it did me because breast cancer picked a fight with the wrong woman in me.


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