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Jack Boggio, ENT and Sleep Patient

After having nasal polyps removed and the INSPIRE device implanted, Jack is breathing better and getting higher quality sleep thanks to the care he received at Summa Health.

Jack Boggio


I knew I had nasal polyps and whenever I ate they would swell and it got so bad I couldn't hardly breathe. So, all my doctors that I use now are at Summa. So, I found Dr. Gerritsen, made an appointment to see him. He's an ENT specialist and he recommended removing the polyps. And after that was done, I asked about the sleep apnea that I've suffered for 25 years. I had a sleep study with Dr. Deoras and it turned out I was a good candidate for the INSPIRE device, which is an implant where part of it it's in the chest right here and part of it is underneath the chin and it electronically activates the tongue to keep it from falling back into the air passage while you're asleep. Then I use this device to hold up here, turn it on at night and turn it off in the morning. Remarkably, it stops the snoring and stops the sleep apnea. The INSPIRE device is the best thing Summa could have offered and I have the best night's sleep there is.

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