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Charles Keener

Feeling 30 years younger after heart and vascular surgeries

Chuck Keener


Chuck: I was having so much pain in my legs I could not mow my lawn. Dr. Dunn at Summa hospital informed me that I needed to have surgery to improve the circulation in my legs. Dr. Dunn was so good I asked for some of his calling cards so I could pass them out.

After vascular surgery I had to have open heart surgery to have a valve replaced. Dr. Dunn and Dr. Baranek are two of the best doctors in the doctor business. And to have my health restored back to where I was say thirty years ago is really great.

I have a '57 Chevy, bright yellow, and I'm helping to put a Car-Cruise on this summer. I'm back to walking two miles a day, mowing my own lawn, and no one mows the lawn like I can.


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