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Clarencia Reese, Cardiology Patient

After having an LVAD implanted, Clarencia is back to doing what she loves – spending time with her grandchildren.

Clarencia Reese


Clarencia: Following chemotherapy, I noticed that I would be out of breath just with any exertion. I knew that I needed to see a cardiologist, and I found Dr. Varian at Summa Health. He diagnosed me with severe heart failure. I became a candidate for an LVAD, a left ventricular assist device.

Dr. Chung led the team of surgeons who implanted the device. The LVAD device is attached to my heart. And this is the external device, which I have to carry with me at all times.

I feel like Summa was the answer to my prayers. Six months ago, I think that I questioned whether or not I was actually gonna live. And here we are six months later, and I'm back to doing things almost like normal, and I'm actually taking my grandchildren to the zoo today.


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