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Crystal Rosenberger

New mom shares from the heart

Crystal Rosenberger


Crystal: I had just given birth to my son at Summa, and two weeks later I was back at Summa because I had just collapsed with a heart attack. I thought well this is it, you know. Like I'm not making it out of this one.

I trusted that they would give me the care that I needed. And Dr. Dunn explained everything, and not just to me. He explained everything to my husband. It was almost like he was their patient too.

All of the nurses called me "rock star." Everybody was like cheering me on as I was going for my walk around the floor. The caregivers really are the true rock stars, aren't they?

The last visit with Dr. Espinal was kind of bittersweet because he's fantastic. As much as I'm glad that I don't have to see him, I'm sad that I don't get to see him. How do you repay someone, who's given you the ability to come home to your family everyday?


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