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Dennis and Sharon Ebie

Feeling at ease after minimally invasive TAVR procedure

Dennis and Sharon Ebie


Dennis: I'm a third generation farmer, and I started having shortness of breath, so I went to Summa to be checked out. I turns out I had a leaking heart valve, and they suggested a TAVR procedure to fix it.

Sharon: Dr. Dunn just helped explain the procedure. We felt at ease with him. Dennis had the surgery done about noon time. A couple hours later, he was done, he was laughing and smiling. Right after the procedure, it was like instant, he said he could breathe better.

Dennis: I tried to talk to Dr. Dunn into releasing me the same day, but he made me stay over the night. Compared to open heart surgery, this procedure was like a miracle.

Sharon: The TAVR procedure actually helped Dennis get back to work within a week's time.

Dennis: My heart is back to pumping better than ever.

Sharon: Dennis' mom lived to be 105, so I'm expecting Dennis to be around a lot longer thanks to all the doctors at Summa hospital.


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