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Don Wuchter, Cardiology Patient

Living with heart failure at 46 years old

Don Wuchter


Don: I hadn't seen the doctor in years. And I had a persistent cough I just couldn't get rid of. I couldn't walk from point A to point B without stopping to catch my breath. I finally got the courage to go to get checked out at Summa. Imagine my shock when Dr. Varian told me I have congestive heart failure at 46 years old, with 20% heart functionality I thought I'd done myself in. Dr. Varian, then transitioned to telling me the lifestyle changes I would have to make to live a healthy life.

I've lost 130 pounds. I'm down to four medications for maintenance, and I feel fantastic. Greatest thing of all, I get to be there for my family. I get to see my daughter graduate from high school, my son play football, and my wife's smile.

Dr. Varian and his team worked a miracle to put my life back together. My message to anyone who's neglected their health like I have, would be go see your doctor, before it's too late.


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