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George Sukara

Newlywed enjoys a renewed life after stenting procedure

George Sukara


George: I went running on the Brecksville Reservation Towpath, and on my return leg, I dropped dead on the trail. EMS transported me to Summa Health System Akron. Dr. Dunn and his team discovered that I had a 98% blockage in my widowmaker, and put a stent in to open it up.

Eventhough my heart was beating again, the rest of my body was unresponsive. They decided to put me into an induced coma to make sure that I didn't end up with brain damage. A week after that, I'm home, normal life.

I'm a newlywed, and one of our goals, my new bride and I is to have our honeymoon in Paris which was put off because of the incident, and now we're going to go, thanks to Dr. Dunn and his team.


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