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Gerry Faust

TAVR procedure was a win!

Gerry Faust


Gerry: I saw Dr. Reede at church one morning. He said it's about time we check your heart and see how things are going. So I went to Summa, and I had a blockage, and my aortic valve needed to be replaced, and Dr. Dunn did a TAVR procedure on me. I was back to normal the next day. And I tell you, the place is super, they did a super job of taking care of me, getting me out there the next day back to normal, and the people there treated me first class. I'm sure the good Lord had a lot to do with that too.

You know I was a football coach for five years at Notre Dame. I was at Akron U for nine years. I tell coaches wins on the field keep your job, but the wins of the hearts of the young people you're coaching are the real wins in life, and the heart was a real win. The TAVR procedure was a win for me, and I love wins. Yeah, I love wins.


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